Shannon Skelton of CFI Global Profiled in Fisheries Management and Stream Restoration Story

Earth Protect, an online community and social hub advocating personal action for global sustainability, recently profiled Shannon Shelton, the Founder/CEO of CFI Global Fisheries Management.  The piece explores Skelton’s upbringing in small town Oregon, experience working as a  river guide and fly tyer to help finance college, and ultimately the creation of his company.

The story reads:

“[Skelton] and his company now lead the way in holistic and innovative approaches to restoring and enhancing fisheries and stream environments. He speaks reverently about his work in rehabilitating streams, lakes, rivers, wetlands and ponds in a natural way that achieves sustainable environmental health for the entire ecosystem. In the rural lands cut by rivers, it’s the landowners who gain a lasting legacy for generations to come.

This link will take you to the story: Earth Protect Fisheries Enhancement.


‘Deliberate’, ‘poetic’ and ‘highly respectful’ are the words Shannon uses to describe CFI Global’s innovative approach.