Ciclismo Classico Featured in Story “Five European bike rides for amateurs.”

Sublime Public Relations client Ciclismo Classico was featured last week on CNN’s website listing “Five European bike rides for amateurs.”

In the story, writer Annie Fitzsimmons suggests cyclists to bike in Ireland on Ciclismo Classico’s weeklong tour of Western Ireland.

Fitzsimmons writes:

“A European bike tour at its best is rolling hills and roads that hug lakes, mountains and fields. Castles and vineyards rise and fall in the distance as hill climbs give way to exhilarating, breezy rides down.”

Ciclismo Classico capitalizes on the increasing popularity of scenic bike tours by offering eight days and seven nights of coastal Ireland beauty. The 181-mile tour is best for athletic beginners and spans flat and rolling landscapes along a loop starting and ending in Galway, Ireland.

On its website, Ciclismo Classico offers some wisdom for those interested in a tour:

“May the road rise to greet you…..May the wind always be at your back…And may you find pure enchantment along the byways of Eire’s fabled west counties.”