ESPN features ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ as a holiday golf gift idea

“My Personal Golf Trainer” is included in ESPN’s holiday gift guide as a golf gift idea.

ESPN’s Jon Robinson describes the Nintendo Wii golf trainer, in which the world’s No. 1 instructor David Leadbetter provides feedback:

If your dad isn’t much of a gamer but could still use some help with his golf swing, be on the lookout for “My Personal Golf Trainer with David Leadbetter.” Tracking your every move using the Wii’s motion controls and balance board, this product actually gives you swing feedback from Leadbetter, one of the most respected golf instructors in the world, through a series of videos. Throw in a number of drills to improve everything from your grip to your swing shape, and you’ll be improving your game (both in real life and the Wii) in no time.

“My Personal Golf Trainer” analyzes grip, posture, alignment, ball position, coil, swing shape and tempo. Leadbetter uses his 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing to suggest drills for improvement. Check out hands-on reviews of “My Personal Golf Trainer” for more specifics.

“My Personal Golf Trainer” costs $99.

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