ESPN Features Finn Cycles in COVID-19 Story

Due to the current situation, many golf courses have made social distancing easier by requiring each cart to be used by only one golfer. Due to this, the Finn Cycle, and other one-rider golf carts, have grown in popularity.

ESPN covered this idea in a recent story titled “How a pandemic could be forever altering the golf cart”. An excerpt reads:

“Finn Scooters, which offers a single-rider scooter that resembles more of a dirt bike, has seen a similar rise in interest for its product. The idea of isolating a golfer by themself on a cart wasn’t as appealing prior to this pandemic; now it’s become a necessity.

‘Finn sales have definitely grown quicker due to social distancing,’ Sun Mountain president Ed Kowachek said. ‘We hear of stories like courses checking out all their riding carts by 10 a.m., since they can issue to one rider only, and then need more. So courses need to supplement their rental fleet and what better than a Finn.'”

You can read the full article here.

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