Dutch newspaper profiles Antarctic Dream expedition

De Telegraaf, a daily newspaper in Amsterdam, Netherlands, takes us on board The Antarctic Dream for an expedition through the Drake Passage to Antarctica. De Telegraaf has one of the largest newspaper circulations in the world.

Nico van der Plas writes (translated by Google):

“Give the penguins always comes first!” Expedition leader Pablo instructs us in our first excursion. “Do not run faster than them, keep distance and try not to pet them!” That is difficult, upon arrival at Aitcho Island, the largest island in the South Shetland Islands, the penguins walk everywhere.

He describes The Antarctic Dream’s crossing through the Drake Passage, “one of the wildest seas in the world.” During the turbulence, guests are served a three-course meal, forcing the servers into acrobatics.

Loud applause, while we cling to our tables, cramped laughing at this surreal moment: a luxurious three course meal in a fierce sea ice while the speakers Bob Marley “Do not worry about a thing” (“Three Little Birds”) sings.

To read the full story about this Antarctic adventure, click here.

The Antarctic Dream is a 78-passenger luxury cruise ship that was originally commissioned by the Chilean navy. Now this modernized ship transports travelers on Antarctic cruise expeditions. An expedition with The Antarctic Dream features up-close wildlife encounters both on land and in the ocean, kayaking in Antarctica, and Antarctic camping, new for 2011. Find out more at http://www.antarctic.cl/web_eng/.