Denver Post Praises CFI Global for its Fisheries Management and Stream Restoration Work

Today the Denver Post published a wonderful piece by Jason Blevins entitled “Colorado firm CFI Global heals ailing streams, lakes, wetlands around world.” The story, which headlines the business section, profiles Shannon Skelton, CEO and founder of the fisheries management and stream restoration firm, CFI Global, based in Ft. Collins, CO.

The article reads:

“Skelton… has developed a reputation as one of the more holistic fishery fixers in the country. Landowners — from municipalities to millionaires to developers — are lining up for his preservation-focused rehab work, which includes fishery management and consulting.”

Blevins details the unusual amount of time Skelton and his crew spend on the front-end of projects, via data gathering and software that evaluates every aspect of a stream’s hydrology, as opposed to “quick fix” stream restoration work like much of the competition. CFI has restored more than 200 miles of stream and 4,000 acres of lakes, ponds and wetlands in the past 14 years.

“CFI tends to utilize more natural techniques to improve fish habitat,” said Nathan Green, a regulatory project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers who has worked with Skelton on several fish-habitat improvement projects.

This hyperlink will direct you to the entire article on CFI Global’s  fisheries management and stream restoration work.

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Shannon Skelton checks a rainbow trout he hooked along a stretch of Upper Bear Creek restored by his Fort Collins-based business, CFI Global. The stream was "a meandering disaster" before the slow, expensive process of making it healthy once again. (John Prieto, The Denver Post)