GoNOMAD features Ride and Seek’s Cycling Tour of Vietnam

In GoNOMAD’s recent article, Shannon Broderick offers up the untouched country of Vietnam and the cycling tours that Ride and Seek provides. From the busy streets of Hanoi to the ancient town of Hoi An, there is something for everyone, and cyclers get the best views. While Vietnam’s lowlands and urban areas have experienced globalization and economic growth in the last two decades, much of the 5,000-square-mile province has remained detached from the outside world.

Dylan Reynolds, of Ride and Seek, says “The diversity of culture, gastronomy and topography makes Vietnam a great place to run tours to suit all levels. Whilst very much ‘discovered’ in terms of the major tourist spots there is also plenty of opportunity to get off the beaten track which is great.”

The article can be found here.

Vietnam cycling tour


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