Culinary Tours of Russia and Georgia Featured by, a leading source in travel news, profiled a Russia culinary tour and a Georgia wine tour, both offered by MIR Corporation of Seattle, Washington. The article titled, “Russian Nouvelle Dining: a lot more than borscht and blinis,” offers itinerary highlights for each unique trip and sparks a sudden craving for vodka. The “Chronicle of Russian Cuisine and Culture” tour features a Russian cooking class, tours of historic culinary landmarks, and of course a visit to local ryumochnii (vodka bars). The Georgia culinary tour, “A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine and Culture,” includes mountainous sight-seeing, sampling monk-made wine, and a Georgian cooking class. MIR Corporation’s innovative culture is once again on showcase, having created what founder Douglas Grimes believes are “the first ever culinary tours of Georgia and Russia offered by an American travel company”.