Ciclismo Classico Italy cycling vacation highlighted by Women’s Running magazine

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Riders on a Ciclismo Classico Italy tour

Ciclismo Classico was recently featured in an article in Women’s Running magazine geared toward active travelers looking for a new type of adventure.

As mentioned in the article, Ciclismo Classico offers Italy bike vacations for anyone who likes “to balance endurance exercise with homemade pasta.” Ciclismo Classico’s unique itineraries appeal to an international community of active travelers, ages 2 to 92, who share a love for cross-cultural learning.

In addition to traveling distinctive, breathtaking routes across Italy and other European countries, Ciclismo designs itineraries that encourage you to try the local food, speak the language, unearth the history and culture of the country, and even dance with the locals!

For more information on Italy cycling tours, visit Ciclismo Classico’s website.