Ciclismo Classico guide describes Sardinia for EAT PLAY STAY

The May/June 2011 issue of EAT PLAY STAY Magazine features a guest story by Ciclismo Classico guide Simone Scalas. He writes about his home—the Italian island of Sardinia—and what it offers to travelers. Scalas says the Italians call Sardinia “the best place to vacation.” To read the story, click here and start on page 50.

Scalas writes:

I invite you to come with your family. We will sail around the southwest part of Sardinia, around the San Pietro and Sant’Antico Islands. The children will run around and explore these tiny islands, there will be time for them to learn to windsurf and play molla. There is a great variety of activities for all ages.

Would you like to take a dip or soak in the rays? Do it, you’re on vacation in an island paradise. Later we’ll all pedal into the hills and breathe the fresh, fragrant air together. My mama will treat us to a wonderful meal of roast suckling pig and her other Sardinian specialties. We will eat together in my garden under the warm Mediterranean sun.

One of Ciclismo Classico’s tours of Sardinia, called “Mediterranean Island Hopping,” was recently named a Tour of a Lifetime by National Geographic Traveler. As Scalas says, Sardinia is a family-friendly vacation destination. To find out more, take a look at Ciclismo Classico’s “Southern Sardegna Family Tour.”

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Mediterranean Island Hopping