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Lauren Hefferon, founder of the award-winning bicycle vacation company Ciclismo Classico, posted a guest blog on about Norway cycling.

Ciclismo Classico offers bicycle vacations mainly in Italy and its surrounding regions of Europe, but more distant destinations have worked their way into the mix as well, including the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Hefferon grew up cycling primarily New England and Italy, but she writes:

This past summer I added the first non-Italy, non-New England place to my “places I love” list. My family and I traveled to Norway’s Lofoten Islands above the Artic Circle, and I fell in love all over again. This incredible group of islands is simply one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. The green, sculpted soaring mountains, tiny fishing hamlets, abundant museums, winding roads, serenading sea birds, 24-hour light, and an ever-changing coastline has rooted itself in my heart forever.

I felt completely energized by the sun that never slept. It was an environment that fit my non-stop curiosity and love of the outdoors. I never felt rushed to get anywhere or do anything, since we literally had all day and night to experience the endless sights and sounds.

Hefferon heralds Lofoten as one of the best family adventure travel destinations. The small size of the island keeps villages closer together. Hefferon classifies the terrain as “rolling.” Hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing add variety to the cycling.

As for the temperature, being above the Arctic Circle doesn’t mean it’s going to be cold when you’re cycling Lofoten. Hefferon says, “The Gulf Stream keeps the temperatures just right, not too cold or hot, allowing for frolicking outside, 24-hours a day.”

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