Ciclismo Classico cycling trip named ‘Tour of a Lifetime’

National Geographic Traveler has chosen its “Tours of a Lifetime” for 2011, and Ciclismo Classico’s “Mediterranean Island Hopping” trip made the list. This Italy and France cycling tour takes cyclists along the coasts of northern Sardinia and western Corsica to explore these unique landscapes and cultures.

Sardinia is often compared to northern California without the cars, according to National Geographic Traveler. Here, cyclists will ride among prehistoric nuraghi towers, which are sculpted pink rock formations. These dwellings were built during the Bronze Age. The culture tour continues with 5,000-year-old carved menhirs, megaliths with human form.

The entire trip features spectacular views of the sea, granite mountains, and sweeping farmland. National Geographic Traveler says that Corsica brings more challenging terrain as you zigzag up cork tree-lined lanes to granite overlooks with sweeping views.

“Mediterranean Island Hopping” is an 11-day tour for $4,995 per person. This year, the departure dates are May 21, Sept. 4, and Sept. 30.

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