Ciclismo Classico & Adventure Life Profiled by

Sublime clients Ciclismo Classico and Adventure Life are both featured in an story entitled, “Is Cycling the new Golf? The Case for a Bike Friendly Office”. Both companies offer unique sustainable travel incentives to employees and Ciclismo Classico CEO, Lauren Hefferon, even conducts interviews by bike. An excerpt from the article reads:

Adventure Life offers financial incentives to staff to promote cycling. Their sustainable commuting budget reimburses 50 percent of purchases for new cycling equipment and services to a maximum of $150. Staff have used this sustainable commuting incentive to purchase helmets, bike pumps, and get tune-ups. The sustainable commuting incentive can also be used to purchase bus passes for commuters who take transit.”

Lauren Hefferon, founder of Ciclismo Classico, a cycling adventure travel company based in Arlington, Mass, conducts employee interviews by bike. “Bicycling allows people to show off another side of themselves that’s fueled by endorphins. I get to see how easy people can relax and share things about themselves,” she says. Hefferon also takes to the bike to conduct her business phone calls. “I’ll wear headphones and [conduct calls] by bike. I think more clearly and listen better when I’m pedaling,” she says.