CFI Global’s Fisheries Enhancement and Stream Restoration Work Featured by Top Ranch Firm

The top ranch real estate company in country, Hall and Hall, recently featured an informative article in its quarterly newsletter written by Shannon Skelton, the CEO/founder of  fisheries enhancement and stream restoration firm CFI Global, that details how collaborative land practices can benefit ranchers and anglers.

Skelton writes:

“Many ranches have streams, rivers, ponds or lakes that are used primarily for agricultural operations. Through minor management shifts, these can be enhanced and developed into extremely productive fisheries that can deliver additional income through angling club leases and trespass rights, which allow anglers access to great live water or still water amenities.”

He continues:

“Some fisheries need only a little habitat tweaking and some fencing to prevent livestock from trampling the stream banks, while others require a more in-depth stream restoration or enhancement program to create a viable sport fishery.”

The entire newsletter can be viewed here.

CFI Global was also featured in a Denver Post business story entitled “Colorado firm CFI Global heals ailing streams, lakes, wetlands around world.”


stream restoration, fisheries enhancement

Through innovative management techniques and design, CFI is able to create a fishing paradise in both still water and live water environments.