Business Jet Traveler features the prolific bird hunting at Pine Creek

Pine Creek Sporting Club and its Florida bird hunting are featured in the February/March 2011 issue of Business Jet Traveler.

Writer Thomas Pero describes a hunt:

The English setter froze, its lithe feathery white tail high in the air. “Move ahead to the right,” directed Bill Thacker, who was decked out in fluorescent orange with various whistles and training devices draped from his belt. As I walked briskly with my 20-gauge Beretta over-under shotgun held aloft from my chest, fingering the safety, I could hear faint rustling and chirping.

“Get the bird, get the bird!” Bill said excitedly, thrusting his right arm forward, palm of his hand extended, while a sleek black Labrador retriever plunged into the palmetto thicket inches ahead of the rock-steady setter’s pink and black wet, quivering nose. Bill was right behind, whacking away at the broad, green fleshy leaves with a stiff, three-foot brown leather flushing whip.

The whirring wings of the bobwhite quail filled the brightening morning air. They looked like a swarm of brown and gray 10-inch-fat bumblebees.

Bam! I pulled the trigger while peering down the barrels at a rocketing blur of feathers disappearing to my right. Bam! I shot left.

Pine Creek Sporting Club is a private Florida hunting and shooting community. Pine Creek features premier Florida wingshooting, including quail, pheasant and turkey hunting, as well as whitetail deer and hog hunting. Pine Creek also features a Florida shooting range, including five stand, sporting clays and trap and tower shoots, and Florida equestrian facilities. In addition, Pine Creek offers its members use of its private helicopter. For more information, visit