Big Chill Founder Interviewed in The Street’s Glacier Story

The Street’s Mia Taylor wrote a story about how to travel to the world’s remaining glaciers earlier this month. The story included quotes from Big Chill Adventures Founder, Sarah Aciego, regarding the current state of glaciers around the world. She describes why it’s so important to see the glaciers when you can, even if it means you are using transportation that contributes to global warming.

“People have a choice of where they’re going to go…It’s really important for people to see this themselves. The people who go, have a better understanding,” she said. “Then they start asking questions and it’s easier to have an intelligent scientific discussion when someone is standing right there and can see exactly what I’m talking about.”

Aciego is a celebrated glaciochemist who regularly takes groups to Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, and the Canadian Rockies to witness the glaciers. She pioneered core-ice dating while working at the University of Michigan prior to finding Big Chill.


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