Bay magazine takes a tour of Pine Creek

Get a sense of a typical day at Pine Creek Sporting Club in Okeechobee, Florida, in the June 2010 issue of Bay magazine (pages 71-74). Quail hunting and fine dining in the spirit of simpler times are the norm at this private hunting community.

Laura Reiley writes that hunting at Pine Creek isn’t all about bagging the birds: “Mostly, the enjoyment comes from tramping around through stands of old oaks and loblollies, enjoying the crispness of the morning and the finely orchestrated dance between pointers and retrievers.”

Pine Creek encompasses 2,500 acres that contain 22 ranches (40 acres in size) and 23 cabins. An abundance of quails, pheasants and turkeys provide excellent hunting. Members may also take advantage of five stand, sporting clays and tower shoots. Pine Creek provides 24-hour concierge service and a private helicopter for transport. Swimming pools, volleyball courts and horse stables are a sampling of the many other amenities Pine Creek offers.