Associated Press golf writer, Doug Ferguson, interviews Sun Mountain founder Rick Reimers

In a follow-up to the Ryder Cup, Associate Press Golf Writer Doug Ferguson writes that Sun Mountain Founder and Owner, Rick Reimers was “perplexed by complaints of rain gear.”

The AP story, picked up by USA Today, NBC Sports, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated,, The Golf Channel and newspapers and website across the country and around the globe, went on to reveal that:

Reimers saw the torrential rain in Wales on Friday of The Ryder Cup and thought, “No way they’re playing in this thing, and they did for three or four holes – unfortunately.”

The article quotes Reimers saying, “We were pretty depressed. It was hard to talk directly to anyone using the garment. We didn’t know any more than what was being reported in the press. And it turns out, that was the only thing to talk about.”

The article points out that Sun Mountain immediately tried to figure out what happened with the RainFlex gear by having an employee put on a Ryder Cup rain jacket and stand in the shower for two hours. This test revealed that water was coming down the neck and up from the cuffs, but it didn’t leak anywhere.

Ferguson also writes that Sun Mountain ran tests at an independent lab that showed the suits were waterproof.

So what happened?

“We think nobody got wet with rain coming through the garment,” Reimers said. “Did the outside material hold more moisture than you’d like? Probably. When something gets soaked, it feels cold on the skin. People might interpret that as being wet.”

Reimers said he heard from several prominent Ryder Cup players who liked the rain suit and didn’t understand all the fuss. Several players continued to wear them throughout the tournament.

Ferguson asked Reimers what’s next.

Reimers said that as it has done for nearly 40 years, Sun Mountain will make improvements.