Antarctic Dream takes American Spa editor on memorable Antarctic Cruise

Imagine yourself traveling on an Antarctica cruise.

What do you see?

Penguins? Icebergs?

How about a natural hot springs that you can swim in?

When Heather Mikesell, editor of American Spa Magazine, took “a once-in-a-lifetime” trip to Antarctica on a ship called the Antarctic Dream earlier this year, she was surprised to find a hot springs on Deception Island near Telefon Bay.

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Hot Springs at Deception Island, Antarctica

According to Heather Mikesell,

“While most visitors to Antarctica don’t expect to find themselves in hot water, those who visit Telefon Bay, located in the volcanic caldera of Deception Island, will find it hard to resist. There, despite the cold, adventurous spa-goers can strip down to their bare essentials and soak in the warm water resulting from the island’s volcanic activity. Although it’s one of the most extreme environments to find hot springs, it’s definitely one of the most welcome.”

For information about booking cruises to Antarctica, visit the Antarctic Dream’s website.