Antarctic Dream experience featured in Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune features The Antarctic Dream in a story about the “human” side of Antarctic travel. Writer Karen Catchpole describes her Antarctic cruise experience in terms of the people she met.

Catchpole writes:

You won’t find this information front and center in your Antarctic tour company’s brochure: Even if perfect weather enables all of the scheduled shore excursions, you will still spend 90 percent of your trip on board the ship in a confined space with a bunch of complete strangers.

It’s got the makings of a season of “The Real World.” Fortunately, your fellow humans can be a highlight of your Antarctic adventure.

Despite learning of the potential danger of the Drake Passage (“We could lose the ship in seconds,” the captain said), Catchpole and her companions had a safe passage, leaving them to focus on other, more whimsical worries:

Thankfully, the most dangerous things passengers on the M/V Antarctic Dream encountered during my journey through the Drake were the increasingly askew hairdos of passengers who had been confined to bed either by seasickness or by the drowsy side effects of seasickness medication. Trying to determine how many hours fellow passengers had spent in bed based on the state of their hair served as a great icebreaker, so to speak.

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Eric Mohl photo