Adventure Life reviews Antarctica vacation for EAT PLAY STAY

Adventure Life’s Beth Conway describes her Antarctic cruise in the May/June 2011 issue of EAT PLAY STAY Magazine. To read the story in the digital edition of the magazine, click here and go to page 52.

Conway writes:

I quickly learned to expect the unexpected in Antarctica. There isn’t time to let your guard down, because without a moment’s notice a whale will breech. Or an albatross might decide to join you on deck and ride the ship-winds for a while. Or a house-size piece of ice will calve from a glacier, sending a rolling thunder of water to the shoreline.

Adventure Life offers cruise expeditions to Antarctica with options for excursions. Conway chose to try camping in Antarctica where she struggled not with the cold, but with the noisy penguins. Kayaking in Antarctica provides another escape from the ship. Conway said the kayakers on her trip had up-close encounters with a humpback whale, her calf, and a leopard seal, watched an iceberg break in two, and dodged a compression wave.

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Adventure Life is a small-group ecotour company based out of Missoula, Montana, that specializes in Central and South America adventure travel. Adventure Life’s trips explore local culture, ecology and life from remote villages, to bustling city markets, to the wildest jungles and mountains.

Whales in Antarctica|^|Terri Dion

Photo courtesy of Adventure Life