Adventure Life review of Peru tour emphasizes patient guides

Adventure Life’s 12-day tour of Ancient Kingdoms in northern Peru reveals pre-Incan ruins of magnificent empires. Many travelers do not explore this part of the country, even though northern Peru sports much wealth in culture and history.

Adventure Life ensures that travelers are free to explore the kingdoms near Trujillo and Chiclayo at their own pace, evident through Adventure Life reviews. Working southward, the Ancient Kingdoms tour ends with two days in Machu Picchu.

An Adventure Life review written by Brian Ivey, who went on the Ancient Kingdoms tour, says, “The guides in Chiclayo, Trujillo and Cusco/Machu Picchu were excellent, informative, fluent in English, and patient inasmuch as we never felt hurried at any of the museums or archaeological sites. We would like to express our thanks to every one of the Adventure Life team for a truly superb holiday which we shall never forget.”

Adventure Life is a small-group, eco-tour company based out of Missoula, Montana, that specializes in Central and South America adventure travel. Adventure Life’s trips explore local culture, ecology and life from remote villages, to bustling city markets, to the wildest jungles and mountains. More Adventure Life reviews about Peru adventure travel can be found here.

The Chan Chan ruins, in an area of Peru not commonly visited on Peru tours, pre-dates the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu|^|Sharma Shields

Chan Chan ruins