Adventure Life Choquequirao, Peru hiking tour included in The Wall Street Journal

In a recent story about an Adventure Life trekking tour to the Incan ruins of Choquequirao, Peru, Wall Street Journal writer Darrell Hartman urges readers to – “See the Next Machu Picchu Before Everyone Else Does”


The article continues,


“Is Machu Picchu on your bucket list? Everyone else’s, too. Peru’s famous Incan site receives some 2,500 visitors a day—hardly ideal conditions for contemplating the 15th-century stone ruins. For a taste of Machu Picchu as it was before the hordes arrived, head to the lesser-known but still breathtaking city of Choquequirao (CHO-kay-key-rao). The only way to get there is on foot, starting at a trailhead two hours outside Cusco. Don’t dally, though. The government has announced plans for a tram line that could open Choquequirao up to the less-mobile masses as early as 2016.


Montana-based Adventure Life organizes private trips to that include stops in mountain villages for upi (a local drink made from sugar cane) and meals of quinoa, squash and some of the country’s 3,000-plus varieties of potato. While steep at points, this moderately strenuous route is easier on the lungs than the higher-altitude Inca Trail. Best of all, hikers get a whole day to explore the untrammeled ruins of what is thought to have been a stopping point on the way to the Amazon or a hilltop sanctuary for Incan elite. From $1,650 a person,”


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