Adventure Journal reviews Planetary Design’s French press mug

Planetary Design’s Double Shot is included in Adventure Journal’s “Ultimate Guide to Camp Coffee” by Michael Frank, an admitted coffee snob. After detailing what makes up “good” and “convenient” coffee, Frank reviews an array of coffee-making devices.

Here is an excerpt of Frank’s review regarding Planetary Design’s French press mug combination:

For car camping or brewing at the trailhead/base of the crag, it’s a superb French press. For one thing, you can vary the grind of coffee much more than with most French presses, and although you want to stick with a coarse grind, even slightly finer-ground coffee won’t become a huge issue, as long as you don’t let the coffee over-extract before imbibing

Thumbs up for a secondary screen at the sip spout that prevents any grinds from slipping down your gullet, and for the nifty storage compartment that screws right into the base of the mug and seals tight, so your beans are always right with the press (it’ll hold about four tablespoons of ground coffee).

Here are Planetary Design’s comments regarding the review.

Planetary Design, located in Missoula, Montana, created the original French press and mug in one, designing it with a unique plunger system. That first model was called the Big Sky Bistro. Since then, Planetary Design has developed a line of nearly indestructible, stainless steel French Press Mugs, Table Top French Presses, drinkware, and the AirScape, a vacuum-seal storage canister ideal for storing coffee or almost any other food.

Photo courtesy of Michael Frank, Adventure Journal