About.com features WildChina as a top adventure travel company

WildChina, an adventure travel company founded in 2000, is featured as one of the top adventure travel companies on About.com. Based in Beijing, WildChina arranges adventure tours of China rich in culture, luxury and “adventure of the mind.”

Founder Mei Zhang, a Harvard MBA, hails from the Yunnan Province. She tells About.com guide Lois Friedland:

At WildChina, we redefine adventure beyond skydiving and water rafting. To me, you can do a lot of hardcore physical adventures around the world, but what China has to offer to adventurers most is an adventure of the mind. I just love venturing into a community hidden in the mountains of eastern Himalayas, and finding a village where there are Tibetan prayer flags flustering on the mountaintop, while there is also a beautiful wooden catholic church built in the 1900s, and a small restaurant nearby catering exclusively to non-pork eating Muslims.

WildChina’s trips are also unique because of the tourist’s level of involvement. WildChina’s local guides can provide travelers with the opportunity for special experiences, but ultimately, it’s up to the travelers to open up and engage with the native people they meet.  “You interact with them ‘as people’ and that raises the level of how meaningful this is for everyone,” one couple from Dallas, Texas, said.

WildChina works with travelers to draw up specialized itineraries for China adventure travel. The company also offers organized trips on specific dates, such as Family Adventures in Tibet: On the Roof of the World and the Salween to Mekong Trek – Hiking the French Explorers’ Route into Tibet’s heartland. More itineraries can be found at http://wildchina.com/.

Hiking in Tibet with WildChina